To share knowledge across communities by making peer-learning easy.

Connect knowledge seekers with knowledge providers; to build a place where one human's curiosity meets another's generosity.

We’re no different than you. We are recent college students. We studied hard in our classes to get good grades. We attended weekly office hours especially when the week’s homework was tough. We were strong in some subjects (could teach them) and weaker in others (wanted to learn them). But throughout our studies, we realized the irony that inspired Oh: that in those packed office hours or in those dining-hall study sessions,

  • It was my generous peer from whom I learned.
  • It was my peer who was most accessible.
  • It was my peer who understood where my misunderstanding lied, easily putting themselves in my shoes.

Looking back, those peers played a large role in our academic achievements, which is why we built Oh to provide this learning experience to you and all college students. We dreamed of a world where:

  • Time was more efficiently spent learning or teaching rather than searching.
  • Finding relevant help was as easy as inputting the exact class at my college that I’m looking for help in.
  • Sharing the knowledge we accumulated in our classes to other peer students was simple and encouraged.
  • Learning from peers who took our exact course rather than from indirect Google results, StackOverflow problems, Quora or Reddit threads, or tutoring services not geared towards us, college students, was the norm.
  • Connecting with peers virtually at any hour of the day was possible.

How is it that we can order food, order a ride, rent a house, buy products, or trade stocks whenever or wherever, but we cannot find direct college class help anytime anywhere? How is it that we spend four years studying 32 courses but we cannot capitalize on all the course knowledge gained? That changes with Oh.

We believe that you are more than a college student — you are a learner and a teacher — which is why we empower you to do both in one simple application. Learn from peers who have taken your exact course. Tutor those looking for help in courses you know. Capitalize on the material you’ve learned. Share knowledge. We wish we had this product in college, so we built it for you.

We’re hiring!

Software Engineer
Required: React Native, Redux-Saga, Python, Django, PostgreSQL
Wishes: Design, Heroku, ElasticSearch, Twilio Programmable Chat and Video, Stripe.

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